Inquiry for Scholarschip
  Please, fill in all blanks  
1. surname first name
2. sex
3. age more specific information about religious group
4. confession
5. address
  eMail eMail repeat
6. nationality
7. academic degree(s) and specific information about marks/grades
  . (specific information about marks/grades - for example: "I have a B.Sc in Microbiology with 2nd class upper comprising 10 A, 15 B, 5 C, 1 D, and an M.Sc. in Plant Breeding with 1 A, 5 B, and 1 C", alternatively: "I have 5x1, 2x2.1., 3x2.2, etc. ", alternatively: CWA, GPA or CGPA - indicate the highest grade - e.g. "3.5/5.0")
  academic performance
8. employer
9. intended study project (University, Course)
10. Country of Study  
11. aim of studies  
12. career objectives (max. 300 Character)
13. commitment to religious and social activities
  specific information about religious and social activities (specific information about religious and social activities)
  religious and social activities
activity (initiative/group) role played/position held Duration (from... - to...)
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